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We focus on keeping your pool and deck area in PRISTINE condition with Tile Cleaning, Tile Repair, Acid and Chlorine Wash downs, Pool Joint Repair and Deco Joint Replacement.  Learn about our principles  Customer Satisfaction, Value and Exciting Quality. At this link you will also find customer comments about our service.

Tile, Stone and Pebble-tec Cleaning


Our key service. Valley water is filled with calcium and other minerals. After a few years of evaporation (12 feet a year on average!) your pool is a "soup" of mineral deposits that end up on your pool's waterline. Read how our process works

Tile Repair


Do you have loose or missing tile on your pool wall?   If so, we can easily repair this with matching tile, without draining your pool.  

Acid Wash


Is your pool suffering from stains or algae growth? With our high speed pumping process, we can drain the typical pool in less than 2 hours and treat your pool to a refreshing Acid or chlorine Wash down! Check out this link to understand the process and get a quote.

Pool Joint Repair


As pools age, the joint between the pool and deck often opens up. This is of major concern, since water splashing or seeping behind the pool wall can weaken the wall and compromise its integrity as well as cause cool deck settling and cracking. Rest assured you don't want this! Read how PRISTINE POOL TILE will efficiently repair this key joint.

Pool Deck Drain


On older pools the drain becomes brittle and will crack and deteriorate. These cracked and deteriorating drains detract from the beauty of your pool area. Why not improve the looks of your patio area with new deck drains? We replace this old, discolored material with new drain material.

Other Services


Do you need to drain your pool due to high levels of hardness? Do you need to replace tile? Do you have calcium nodules? At Pristine Pool Tile we take care of these services as well.


Home  |  About Us  |  Tile Cleaning  |  Tile Repair  |  Acid Wash  |  Pool Joint Repair  |  Pool Deck Drain  |  Other Services